How to Check MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking

Have you recently applied for a new MEPCO connection and fulfilled the installation charges and now looking for How to Check MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking? The next important step is to monitor your application and Demand Notice status. While you can visit a Customer Care Center in person, tracking your MEPCO Demand Notice online is a more convenient and time-saving option, involving just a few simple steps. Let’s delve into how you can efficiently check the status of your new meter application and track your MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking online.

How to do MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking Online?

How to do MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking Online?

Applying for a New Electricity Meter: If you’re shifting to a new location or need to manage excess load, obtaining a new electricity meter is the first step. You can acquire the application form from the nearest Customer Care Center or download it from official websites like FESCO or the Electricity New Connection portal.

Completing the Application: Once you have the application form, fill it out, attach the necessary documents, and submit it at the MEPCO office.Additionally, you’ll be required to pay the demand notice fee through a bank or other available options to finalize the application process.Find out how to retrieve your bill information without the reference number.

Installation Time Frame: After completing the application procedure, you’ll receive a specific timeframe for meter installation. However, there are instances where the meter installation isn’t completed within the set duration. That’s where the importance of tracking your application and demand notice online comes in..Curious about estimating your MEPCO electric bill? Use our MEPCO Bill Calculator to calculate your expenses.

Efficient Online Tracking: In this article, we’ll explore efficient methods for MEPCO customers to check the status of their applications and demand notices online. These methods not only save you time but also spare you the hassle of multiple visits to the MEPCO office.

Tracking Your MEPCO Demand Notice with the ENC Portal

Understanding the MEPCO Demand Notice

The MEPCO Demand Notice is a crucial legal document or Challan form issued by the Multan Electric Power Company. It comes into play when customers apply for a new meter connection. This document outlines the financial aspects of the connection, including the fees and charges involved. To track your Demand Notice status effectively, follow the simple steps provided below:

Accessing the ENC Portal

To begin the process, navigate to the official Electricity New Connection (ENC) portal, which you can find at ENC. Once on the ENC portal, look to the left side of the display, and you’ll find a ‘Track’ tab. Click on it to proceed.

Selecting the Appropriate Option

Upon clicking the ‘Track’ tab, you’ll be presented with two options: ‘New Connection’ and ‘Change of Load/Tariff/Name.’ For tracking your Demand Notice, choose the ‘New Connection’ option. This choice will enable you to check the status of your application regarding the new meter connection.Checking your MEPCO electricity bill online is simple.

Enter Your Details

Now, it’s time to input the necessary information. In the drop-down menu, select ‘MEPCO’ as your Electricity Distribution Company. Then, enter your unique Application Number or Tracking ID into the designated input field. It’s worth noting that MEPCO provides this tracking ID to every applicant during the application process. Once you’ve entered this information, press ‘Submit’ to continue.

Viewing the ENC Application Status

Upon submitting your details, the ENC application status regarding the issuance of the Demand Notice will appear on your screen. This is where you can find out if the company has issued your Demand Notice. If the Demand Notice is available, you can proceed by printing it. Afterward, you’ll need to pay the associated fee, as outlined in the notice. Finally, submit the receipt of payment to the corresponding office for further processing.

This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into tracking the status of your MEPCO Demand Notice through the ENC portal. It streamlines the process, ensuring that you stay informed and updated on your application’s progress.

What is MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking ID for New Electricity Connection?

For those seeking a new electricity connection through MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking, the Demand Notice Tracking ID or Application Number plays a crucial role. MEPCO’s staff issues this unique identifier to applicants during the new connection process. This tracking ID serves as a valuable tool for monitoring your application’s progress and checking the status of your MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking. It allows you to access official MEPCO websites or portals, streamlining the tracking process for your new electricity connection.

MEPCO Demand Notice Fee 2023: WAPDA New Connection Charges Explained

The Demand Notice charges for new electricity connections can vary based on several factors, including the Distribution Company and the type of connection, whether it’s residential, industrial, or agricultural. In 2023, the MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking Notice fee for domestic or residential meter connections stands at Rs. 5000, encompassing all additional charges and taxes.

It’s important to note that these charges can be subject to change, particularly due to fluctuations in the Fuel Price set by NEPRA. To determine the exact fees for new meters, you can refer to the official website of your respective Distribution Company, whether it’s FESCO, MEPCO, LESCO, and others. Additionally, MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking provides customers with the flexibility to pay the Demand Notice fee either as a lump sum or on a monthly basis.

For those interested in the charges associated with domestic and industrial meter connections from various Distribution Companies, here’s a general overview:

  • Single Phase Connection: Typically ranges from Rs. 4000 to 9000
  • 3-Phase Connection: Generally falls between Rs. 8000 to 15000.

How to Pay the Demand Notice Fee for the New MEPCO Connection?

Paying the Demand Notice fee for your new MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking connection is a straightforward process. MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking consumers have various convenient options for making this payment. You can visit the nearest bank branches, which may include SBP, NBP, ABL, MBL, FBL, and others authorized by the company for fee collection.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to pay the DN fee online, making it even more accessible. Online payment methods include internet banking, using the ENC portal, or utilizing Android apps like Easypaisa or JazzCash. This variety of choices ensures that you can complete the payment with ease and convenience.


When it comes to MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking, you have several online methods at your disposal. However, the most commonly used and convenient approach is to track your DN through the official MEPCO website or the Electricity New Connection Portal (ENC). These platforms provide user-friendly tools to keep you updated on the status of your MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking, ensuring a smoother experience for MEPCO customers.


  1. What is a MEPCO Demand Notice?

    A MEPCO Demand Notice is a legal document or Challan form issued by Multan Electric Power Company for customers applying for a new electricity meter connection.

  2. How can I track my MEPCO Demand Notice online?

    To track your MEPCO Demand Notice online, visit the official Electricity New Connection (ENC) portal, select the ‘New Connection’ option, and enter your Application Number or Tracking ID.

  3. What is the Demand Notice fee for a new MEPCO connection in 2023?

    The Demand Notice fee for a new MEPCO connection in 2023 is Rs. 5,000 for residential meter connections, subject to change due to fuel price fluctuations.

  4. How can I pay the Demand Notice fee for a new MEPCO connection?

    MEPCO customers can pay the Demand Notice fee at the nearest bank branches or through online methods like internet banking, the ENC portal, or mobile apps such as Easypaisa or JazzCash.

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