HESCO Online Bill

To view your HESCO online bill,Simply enter your 14-digit reference number in the Below field and click the “Check Bill” button. This will open a new tab where you can view and free download your bill.

How can I find my 14 digit reference number in my HESCO bill?

The first thing you’ll need to access your HESCO online bill is your 14-digit account reference number. Luckily, it’s conveniently displayed right on your online statement.When you log in to view your bill, take a look in the top left corner. You should see your reference number listed next to “Consumer ID”. This will be a 14-digit code that you can type in the box above.No need to go digging through paper files or old invoices. Just have your hesco duplicate bill pulled up and glance above the charges listed. The reference code will be right there waiting for you in the top corner of the page.

Don’t stress if you don’t see it immediately. Take your time scanning that top left area. It can be easy to overlook so be thorough in your searching.And if for some reason you’re still having trouble locating it online, don’t hesitate to call duplicate bill hesco customer support. They’ll be happy to verify your reference number over the phone.Once you’ve got that 14-digit code noted down,then you can type it in the box above or make payments whenever needed. Let me know if finding your reference number presents any other issues!


Hyderabad Electric Supply Company

So HESCO is the company responsible for powering much of Sindh province in southern Pakistan. The full name is Hyderabad Electric Supply Company – it was established way back in 1998 to oversee electricity distribution in the region.

They serve around 1.1 million customers across a huge area. HESCO’s territory spans 12 entire districts, from Hyderabad all the way to remote towns like Mirpurkhas. To manage such wide coverage, they break operations down into 4 circles, 15 divisions, and 67 sub-divisions for closer coordination.

Beyond operations, dedicated teams look after construction of new infrastructure and maintenance of the existing grid. Regular testing also helps ensure any issues are spotted and fixed promptly. It can’t be an easy task keeping the lights on for so many people over such a large geography!

So in summary, if you find yourself anywhere within the districts of Hyderabad, Badin, Jamshoro, parts of Nawabshah, Thatta, Tando Allah Yar or Mirpurkhas, you can be confident Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is working away in the background 24/7 to supply your household or business with electricity. They’ve been the main provider serving this area since first connecting customers over 20 years ago now.

Service Areas Of Wapda Hesco Online Bill

To manage the massive undertaking of supplying electricity to nearly 1.2 million people across its service area, HESCO has organized its operations into a strategic regional structure.

The 12 districts under HESCO’s purview have been divided into 4 main Circles for streamlined administration – Hyderabad, Laar, Nawabshah, and Mirpurkhas.

Within each Circle are several Divisions responsible for electricity distribution and customer service in that locale. For example, the Hyderabad Circle oversees 4 Divisions and 16 Sub-Divisions.

Laar has 5 Divisions serving 19 Sub-Divisions, while Nawabshah’s territory includes 3 Divisions and 21 Sub-Divisions. Finally, Mirpurkhas Circle is made up of 3 Divisions and 13 Sub-Divisions.

In addition to the operational branches, separate Construction and Maintenance & Testing divisions work around the clock to develop infrastructure and ensure reliability.

It’s no small undertaking providing power 24/7 to a population larger than some countries. But through its organized regional structure and tireless behind-the-scenes work,Hyderabad Electric Supply Company aims to keep the juice flowing seamlessly for its 1.2 million strong customer base.


HESCO Hyderabad Peak Hours

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company provides a helpful recommendation – try using less electricity during their designated peak hours. Not only could this lower your monthly bill, it also helps stabilize the regional power supply.

So what are HESCO’s peak hours? Let’s break it down in a table:

SeasonPeak Hours
April to October6:30PM to 10:30PM
November to March6PM to 10PM

As you can see, the peak window shifts slightly depending on the season. In the hotter months from April to October, it runs a bit later from 6:30PM to 10:30PM.

While from November through March, as temperatures cool, peak hours are from 6PM to 10PM.

How to check hesco bill online

Worried you lost track of your latest hesco web bill payment due date? No problem, you can easily check your bill online in just a few simple steps.

Start by heading to mepcoonlinebillcheck.pk. This handy website was created to give customers quick access to their billing statements.

Once there, you’ll need to enter your 14-digit reference number. Don’t have it handy? No worries, just dig out any old HESCO bill – it will be printed clearly at the top.

Enter that long string of numbers into the designated field on the website. Then click “Check Bill” , your latest billing info will appear and then you can free downlod the duplicate copy of your bill online.

You’ll see the current amount owed and due date listed conveniently. But don’t stop there! Click through to view or free download a full copy of the statement if you need more details.

The site works great from any device too, so you can check no matter where you are. All it takes is your reference number key and then hesco bill online free download. Just remember, you can’t look up bills by CNIC or name.

So whether on your phone or computer, never stress about lost bills again.Hyderabad Supply Company billing is just a quick online check away with this great service.


What is HESCO detection bill?

A HESCO Detection Bill refers to additional charges applied in certain situations related to electricity consumption readings or theft. Here are a few details:

If electricity usage readings appear unusually low, suggesting the meter may be running too slowly or inaccurately capturing usage, Hyderabad Electric Company can issue a “detection bill.” This helps ensure the customer is billed appropriately based on estimated actual usage.

Detection bills may also be served in cases where illegal electricity abstraction or theft is suspected. This could involve bypassing the meter, direct hookups to transmission lines, or tampering with the meter. Hyderabad Electric Supply Company closely monitors energy infrastructure for such infractions.

Finally, detection charges may be applied if direct power consumption is occurring without a metered connection authorized by hesco bill online check. Basically any situation where electricity is being utilized but not properly accounted for by an operational meter.

In all such instances, Hyderabad Electric Supply Company has protocols allowing them to calculate estimated usage and issue a detection bill to fairly recoup costs. This helps maintain the integrity of the grid and ensure all customers are contributing as required based on their energy needs. Detection bills aim to address irregularities that could otherwise penalize law-abiding ratepayers.

key services Of HESCO

Distribution of Electricity:
HESCO’s primary role is to reliably distribute electricity to its service areas. This involves maintaining and operating the distribution network infrastructure like transmission lines, transformers, poles, etc.

Billing and Collections:
Hyderabad Supply Company is responsible for meter reading, billing generation, and collection of payments from customers on a monthly basis. Customers can check and pay bills online through various digital channels.

Network Maintenance:
To ensure uninterrupted power supply, Hyderabad Electric Supply Company conducts maintenance works like repairing or replacing damaged poles, wires, and other equipment on the distribution network. They work to minimize outages.

Customer Support:
hesco bill online check aims to provide exemplary customer service through multiple touchpoints like walk-in centers, social media, complaint management systems, etc. They address billing issues and other queries.

Regulatory Compliance:
As a DISCO regulated by NEPRA, Hyderabad Supply Company complies with all relevant rules and performs duties mandated like submitting performance data and tariff petitions.

Infrastructure Development:
HESCO undertakes new projects to strengthen infrastructure via wire and pole replacement programs, installation of modern grid stations, and more.

HESCO’s Key Formation & Status:
It was incorporated on April 23, 1998 under the Companies Ordinance 1984 to inherit assets from the former Hyderabad AEB. NEPRA granted HESCO a license on July 1, 1998, to commence official business operations as a public limited company.

Taxes in Hesco Bill

Here are the main taxes and charges typically included on HESCO electricity bills in further detail:

Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) Charge:

This variable fee accounts for fluctuations in the fuel costs incurred by independent power producers that generate electricity to supplement the national grid. Utilities like HESCO are billed higher rates on the wholesale market when fuel prices rise, so the FPA listed on your statement helps offset this expense. The amount adjusts up or down monthly based on changes in the global price of coal, natural gas, and other commodities used to fuel power plants.

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge:

This surcharge balances the difference between the electricity rates set by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) versus those approved by the federal government. If NEPRA’s cost-based tariff is higher than the government-mandated domestic tariff, the difference is paid out as a subsidy to utilities. Conversely, any excess collected due to NEPRA rates falling below the government tariff is remitted back by the distribution company. Understanding this surcharge provides transparency around regulated rates.

Financing Cost Surcharge:

To ensure debt obligations tied to the wholesale electricity market can be sustained, regulators approved a 0.43 rupee per kilowatt-hour fee to fund debt servicing costs accrued by the Power Holding Private Limited. This surcharge supports utilities’ financial obligations while maintaining affordable services for consumers.

Deferred Payment Option:

Certain charges on the billing statement can be carried over interest-free to the subsequent month if the full amount due is paid on time. Postponing smaller installments provides flexibility to better manage monthly expenses without facing late penalties. Subsequent statements will include any deferred amounts either as separate installments or collected altogether.

Staying informed about these common billing items increases billing clarity and empowers customers to monitor electricity costs. Contact HESCO for extra details to fully understand rate determinations.

Setting Up Your New HESCO Connection

If you need to establish electric service at a new location or take over an existing account, HESCO has a simple process to get you all set up.

First, stop by your local HESCO office during business hours. The friendly staff can provide you with an application to fill out. Be sure to bring your CNIC (national identity card) and any documents proving you own or rent the property.

Next, HESCO will require a small application fee payment. Then, one of their technicians will schedule a time to inspect the property.wanna reduce your electric bill read our full guide on reducing your bill.

The site inspection is an important step to make sure everything is in order before hooking things up. The technician will assess the location’s electric wiring and metering requirements.

Once passing inspection, it’s time to celebrate! Hyderabad Supply Company will install your new meter and enable service right away. Or, if taking over an existing connection, they’ll update the account information under your name.

A special note – if you recently purchased a property that already has HESCO service, you need to follow the same process to transfer the account registration. That way you’ll receive the bills going forward.

Don’t hesitate to contact HESCO if you have any other questions. Their team is there to make getting set up with reliable power as quick and painless as possible.if you are living in Multan area then checout our mepco bill checker.

Register a HESCO bill complaint

Here is a step-by-step guide to register a HESCO bill complaint online:

Visit the HESCO Website

First, go to the HESCO website at hesco.gov.pk. This is the official website of the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company.

Locate the Complaint Registration Section

On the homepage, look for the “Complaint Registration” link or section. This is usually found towards the top or side of the page.

Enter Your Contact Details

The complaint form will require your name, address, contact number and email. Enter these accurately for timely communication.

Select Complaint Type

Choose the nature of your complaint from options like billing issue, technical problem, load shedding etc. Pick the one matching your concern.

Provide Complaint Details

In the description box, clearly explain your issue along with relevant information like account number, meter number etc. for swift resolution.

Submit and Get Response

Hit “Submit” to file your complaint. You will receive an acknowledgement along with a ticket number. Track updates on your registered complaint.

Alternatively, Call the Helpline

HESCO’s Federal Complaint Cell can also be contacted at 03372192748. Representatives are available to assist you and direct your call to the relevant department.

Following these steps is the easiest way to officially register your HESCO bill or service complaint online so it gets addressed promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my hesco duplicate bill?

You can visit the mepcoonlinebillcheck.pk and search for hesco. Enter your 14-digit reference number to view the online bill. From there, open the full bill details and free download the PDF version for your records.

What is HESCO’s customer complaint number?

If you need to lodge a complaint, call HESCO headquarters directly at 111-000-118. The website also provides more information about contacting various local offices for service requests.

Can I calculate my bill amount online?

Yes, the site offers a convenient online bill calculator. Simply input your meter reading and number of units consumed to generate an estimated charges breakdown before the payment due date.

How do I change the name on my account?

Name updates require submitting an application at your local HESCO office. The process is similar to applying for a new connection with identity documentation.

How can I check if my bill is paid?

Currently, payment statuses aren’t viewable online. Call the helpline for assistance verifying receipt of prior payments on your account.

Can I calculate my bill amount online?

Yes, the site offers a convenient online bill calculator. Simply input your meter reading and number of units consumed to generate an estimated charges breakdown before the payment due date.