SEPCO Online Bill

Check your SEPCO online bill on any device (mobile/desktop) with this website. You can see the amount and due date of your sepco electricity bill and print a copy of it. To check your sepco e bill, enter your 14 digit reference number below:


SEPCO is a company that operates under WAPDA and provides electricity to the Sukkur region and its surrounding areas in Pakistan. It was established on July 10, 2010. This website,, is a free and user-friendly platform that allows you to check your SEPCO online bill.

How to find your reference number

Your reference number is a 14 digit code that identifies your SEPCO online bill. You need this number to check your bill details, payment options, and history. But where can you find it?

A sample SEPCO bill:

To help you locate your reference number, here is a sample SEPCO bill. Look at the blue highlighted area in the image below. That is where your reference number is printed on your bill.


How to use your reference number

Once you have your reference number, you can enter it in the input field on this website. This will allow you to:

  • View your current and previous SEPCO online bills
  • Print a duplicate copy of your bill if you need it
  • Choose from various SEPCO bill payment methods
  • Compare your electricity usage and charges over time

SEPCO is an electric company that serves the Sukkur region and its surrounding areas in Pakistan. It is always looking for new ways and new technology to improve its service to its consumers. That is why SEPCO has introduced a new method to check your sepco bill online: the consumer ID.

What is the consumer ID and how to find it

The consumer ID is a 10-digit code that is unique to each consumer. It is easy to remember and use. You can find your consumer ID on your sepco bill, in the top right corner. It looks something like this:


Consumer ID

How to use the consumer ID to check your sepco bill

To use the consumer ID to check your sepco bill online, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to this website:
  • Enter your consumer ID in the input field below
  • Click on the “Check Bill” button
  • You will see your sepco bill details, such as amount, due date, and payment options
  • You can also print a duplicate copy of your bill, download it, or view your old bijli bill history

How to check your SEPCO online bill

To check your SEPCO online bill, you need to enter your 14 digit reference number in the input field below. You can also:

  • View your duplicate bill if you have lost or misplaced your original bill
  • Choose your preferred SEPCO bill payment method from a variety of options
  • Download and print your online SEPCO bill for your convenience
  • Access your old bijli bill history and compare your usage and charges.if you live in multan click here to check your bill.

Service Areas

SEPCO is an electric company that operates under WAPDA and provides electricity to the Sukkur region in Pakistan. The Sukkur region consists of parts of two provinces: Sindh and Balochistan.

The districts covered by SEPCO

SEPCO is responsible for distributing electricity to the following districts in the Sukkur region:

  • Sukkur: The headquarters of SEPCO and the third largest city in Sindh
  • Larkana: The fourth largest city in Sindh and the birthplace of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
  • Dadu: A district in the west of Sindh that borders Balochistan
  • Jacobabad: A district in the north of Sindh that is known for its hot climate
  • Ghotki: A district in the east of Sindh that is rich in natural gas resources
  • Naushero Feroze: A district in the center of Sindh that is famous for its historical sites
  • Kamber Shahdadkot: A district in the south of Sindh that was created in 2004 by splitting Larkana district


Here are the steps to pay your SEPCO electricity bill online via different payment methods:

Online Banking:

Log in to your bank’s online banking portal

Look for the “Bill Payments” option and choose SEPCO as the biller.

Enter your 14-digit reference number.

Confirm payment through your internet banking credentials.

Receive confirmation from the bank once payment is processed.


Open the JazzCash app and log in.

Select “Utility Bills” and then “SEPCO”

Input your 14-digit reference number.

Tap “Pay” to complete the transaction.

JazzCash will send a confirmation message once paid.


Open the Easypaisa app and log in.

Tap “Bill Payment” and select “SEPCO”.

Enter your 14-digit reference number.

Hit “Pay” button to make the payment.

Easypaisa will send a confirmation SMS on successful payment.

Always save the confirmation message/SMS received as proof of payment. Both online modes ensure secure and hassle-free SEPCO bill settlement from your mobile phone.

Customer Services

Here are some key details about SEPCO’s customer service offerings:

Online Complaint Registration:
SEPCO’s website allows customers to lodge any complaints related to supply issues, billing errors, or technical problems. This facilitates prompt issue resolution.

Billing Information:
Customers can check their bill amount, due date, payment status etc. online by entering the meter reference number on SEPCO’s portal. Duplicate bills can also be downloaded.

New Connection Requests:
Application process for new electricity connections is available digitally, minimizing paperwork and improving accessibility.

Load Shedding Schedule:
SEPCO publishes zone-wise load shedding timings so customers are aware of outage schedules in their areas.

Energy Conservation:
Useful tips and awareness messages encourage efficient energy usage and lower bills through behavior changes.

Network Maintenance:
SEPCO strives to provide uninterrupted power through proactive infrastructure upkeep, repairs and timely response to outages.

Emergency Response:
A helpdesk number operates 24/7 for reporting faults, disruptions or abnormal meter readings during off-hours and holidays.

Customer Care Centers:
Walk-in centers offer in-person support for billing inquiries, technical queries and complaint submission across SEPCO’s districts.

By adopting diverse digital and traditional service channels, SEPCO aims to enhance customer satisfaction through transparency, responsiveness and convenient self-service options.if you live in Hyderabad click here to check your bill.

Complaints & Helpline

Here are the key contact details for SEPCO’s customer support and helpline services:

For Billing & Payment Issues:

  • Visit the Regional Customer Service Center in Sukkur on Minara Road.
  • Contact them at 071-9310921.

For Network-related Complaints:

  • Contact the headquarters office located at the Old Thermal Power Station in Sukkur.
  • Call 071-9310795 or 071-5621633.
  • You can also send a fax to 071-5621633 or 071-9310797.

To Report Electricity Theft:

  • Call SEPCO’s anti-theft helpline at 071-5621633.

For Emergency Breakdown Support:

  • Call the fault repair helpline at 071-9310511.
  • The toll-free number for urgent after-hours support is 0800-SEPCO (0800-77326).

SEPCO aims to address all public complaints in a timely manner. These contact points provide convenient access via phone, fax, email and in-person to lodge issues and get prompt assistance from representatives.

Frequently asked Questions:

How do I pay my SEPCO bill?

You can pay your bill via online banking, Easypaisa, Jazzcash by entering your 14-digit reference number. Some banks also allow paying at ATMs and branches.

How can I get a duplicate bill?

Visit the mepcoonlinebillcheck pk website and enter your 14-digit reference number. You will be able to view and download a duplicate copy of your latest bill.

How do I report a power outage?

Call SEPCO’s fault repair helpline at 071-9310511. For urgent after-hours support, use the toll-free number 0800-SEPCO (0800-77326).

How do I change my billing address?

Visit your nearest SEPCO customer service center with your CNIC and a proof of your new address to submit an address change request.

What is included in the FCA charge on my bill?

The FCA or Fuel Cost Adjustment charge is included to offset fluctuations in fuel import prices and maintain a consistent tariff for consumers.