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You’ve come to the right place to figure out your MEPCO bill. Our MEPCO Bill calculator is here to help you get a very close estimate of your bill based on the most recent MEPCO tariff. It calculates how much you’ll be charged for electricity and the fixed taxes included in your MEPCO Bill calculator.Enter Your Consumed Units Here:

Estimated Bill: PKR 0

Additional Charges:

Meter Rent: PKR 8

F.C Surcharge: PKR 0.00

Electricity Duty: PKR 0.00

TV Fee: PKR 35

GST: PKR 0.00

N.J Surcharge: PKR 0.00

Mepco bill calculator,Mepco Online Bill Check

Mepco Bill Calculator 2023

It's important to understand that our MEPCO Bill calculator strives to offer as accurate an estimate as possible. However, the actual bill you receive from our MEPCO Online Bill check might have minor differences. These variations are often attributed to specific taxes that can vary for individual customers. Factors such as special exemptions or adjustments can lead to slight deviations between the estimated bill and the final bill issued by MEPCO. Nevertheless, our tool remains a valuable resource for getting a reliable ballpark figure of what you can expect on your MEPCO bill.if you live in hyderabad and want to check your electric bill click here Hesco bill online.

How to Use the MEPCO Bill Calculator

Our user-friendly MEPCO bill calculator simplifies the process of estimating your electricity bill. All you need to provide is the total number of units you've consumed, and our website will do the rest, calculating your estimated bill and factoring in additional taxes for you.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use our streamlined MEPCO bill calculator:

Step 1: Input Your Consumed Units

Start by entering the total units of electricity you've consumed during the billing period. This is the only information you need to provide.

Step 2: Get Your Estimated Bill

Once you've entered your consumed units, our MEPCO bill calculator will instantly generate an estimate of your bill. It will include not only the basic cost but also account for additional taxes, providing you with a clear picture of your upcoming electricity bill.

Using our straightforward MEPCO bill calculator, you can easily project your electricity expenses and effectively manage your budget. It's a hassle-free way to stay informed about your upcoming bill without the need for complex calculations.

MEPCO Bill Calculation Breakdown

In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to calculate your MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) bill accurately. Understanding your electricity bill is crucial to manage your energy consumption effectively and ensure that you are billed correctly. We'll walk you through the various components of your MEPCO bill and provide a step-by-step calculation process to help you better understand and control your energy expenses.

1. Unit Consumption Calculation

The first step in calculating your MEPCO bill is to determine your electricity consumption in units. You can find this information on your electricity meter. Note down the initial and final reading, and subtract the initial reading from the final reading to get the total units consumed during the billing period.


Initial Reading: 5000 units Final Reading: 5100 units

Unit Consumption = 5100 units - 5000 units = 100 units

2. Tariff and Slabs

MEPCO uses a tiered tariff system with different rates for various levels of electricity consumption. The more units you consume, the higher the tariff rate. It's essential to understand the tariff slabs to calculate your bill accurately. Check the MEPCO Online Bill Check website for the latest tariff rates.

3. Calculate the Cost of Units

Once you have the total units consumed and the tariff rates, you can calculate the cost of the consumed units. Multiply the number of units by the applicable tariff rate for each slab. Sum up the costs of all slabs to get the total cost of electricity consumption.


  • 50 units at Rs. 10/unit
  • 50 units at Rs. 12/unit

Total Cost = (50 units * Rs. 10/unit) + (50 units * Rs. 12/unit) = Rs. 500 + Rs. 600 = Rs. 1100

4. Additional Charges

MEPCO Bill calculator may include additional charges such as a service fee, meter rent, or taxes. Check your bill carefully for any extra costs and add them to the total cost calculated in the previous step.

5. Calculate the Total Bill

To find your total MEPCO bill, add the cost of units and any additional charges.


Total Cost of Units: Rs. 1100 Additional Charges: Rs. 200

Total Bill = Rs. 1100 + Rs. 200 = Rs. 1300

MEPCO Bill Unit Rates:

MEPCO traffic charges different rates for electricity based on when you use it.

During peak hours, when many people use electricity, it costs more. You pay 22.65 per unit at this time. But during off-peak hours when fewer people use electricity, it's cheaper at 16.33 per unit.

For a regular connection, if you use one phase, it costs 175 every month. But if you use three phases, it's 350 every month.

For businesses and industries, the rates are different. Industries pay 19.51 per unit, and businesses pay 19.95 per unit.

We've provided a table that shows the different charges for various amounts of electricity used in residential connections

UnitsPrice (PKR) per unit
1-50 Units3.95
1 – 100 Units7.74
101 – 200 Units10.06
201 – 300 Units12.15
301 – 70019.55
More than 700 Units22.65

Check Your MEPCO Bill Online

You can quickly and conveniently check your MEPCO bill online. Visit the MEPCO Online Bill Check Website to access your bill information.

How to Use MEPCO Online Bill Check:

  1. Visit MEPCO Online Bill Check Website: Go to the
  2. Enter Your 14-Digit Reference Number: Input your unique 14-digit reference number.
  3. Get Your Bill Details: Click on check bill to receive your bill information.

Understanding Your MEPCO Bill

Understanding your electricity bill is crucial. Here's a simple breakdown of what you'll find on your MEPCO bill:

  1. Unit Consumption: This shows how many units of electricity you've used.
  2. Tariff and Slabs: Different rates apply to various levels of consumption. The more you use, the higher the rate.
  3. Cost of Units: The total cost is calculated by multiplying the units consumed by the applicable tariff rate.
  4. Additional Charges: Look for extra charges like service fees, meter rent, or taxes on your bill.

Get a Duplicate MEPCO Bill

If you've misplaced your bill, don't worry. You can easily obtain a duplicate MEPCO bill.

How to Get a Duplicate Bill:

  1. Visit MEPCO Online Bill Check Website: Go to the
  2. Enter Your 14-Digit Reference Number: Input your unique 14-digit reference number to download your duplicate mepco bill.
  3. Get Your Mepco Duplicate Bill: Click on check bill and you will be redirected to a new page where you can download the duplicate meopco bill,now download duplicate mepco bill and print it on any photostate shop or your own printer at you home.


  1. What information do I need to provide for the MEPCO bill calculator?

    You only need to provide the total units of electricity you've consumed.

  2. How does the MEPCO bill calculator work?

    It calculates your estimated bill and additional taxes based on your consumed units.

  3. Is the MEPCO bill calculator user-friendly?

    Yes, it's designed to be easy and convenient for users.

  4. What will I see in the estimated bill?

    The estimated bill includes the basic cost and additional taxes.

  5. Why should I use the MEPCO bill calculator?

    It helps you project your electricity expenses and effectively manage your budget without complex calculations.